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L’Eleganté Cuisine offers 3 different types of Breakfast service. Quick start your day by choosing from various continental breakfasts. Or, make the first meal from our Hot Oatmeal Bar with a variety of toppings.

Enjoy the Great Start Buffet. Choose from up to 3 hot entrées along with a protein ,starch and fresh chilled fruit juice. Add an extra touch by arranging to have an Omelet or Waffle Station at your event.

If you’re looking for more then just a breakfast, L’Eleganté ‘s Brunch Buffet will satisfy even the most select tastes. We offer several different brunches: The Eleganté, Signature, and Champagne Royal. These are excellent options for your mid-day gathering. We can always customize a menu to your exact requests.

Quick Starts
Brunch Buffet
Great Starts Buffet
Invigorating Breaks