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There is nothing easy about planning an event. Each and every element represents your company. That’s why it is vital to be familiar with and comprehend precisely what goes into planning a memorable event.

There are six key principles that go along with event planning success. These include:

  1. Planning & Budgeting
  2. Timing & Organization
  3. Choosing the Best Location
  4. Transportation & Guest Arrival
  5. Rental Equipment
  6. Food & Beverages

Early planning and budgeting are the first steps into accomplishing a successful event. Deciding the budget will let you know you’re options. Once you have a set budget in mind, think about the purpose of the event and start focusing your planning around that. Visualize what you see your event taking shape of, and correlate that with in your means.

Choosing the right date for your event could determine the complete outcome. Make sure that the date and time of day fit your event accurately.


Choosing the Best Location

Deciding where to have your event goes right along with planning the date. At times, the venue may already be booked for the date of your choice. It is best to have alternate days just in case. Make sure of special requirements that the sight may have, and get those taken care of first.

Are your guests going to need ways of getting to and from a location? Limousines and Motor Coaches might be something needed for your event. Also check with your venue to see what kind of parking is available at the time of your event.

Check and see where the guests will be arriving. Make sure that if it is outdoors that weather is kept in mind.

Planning a conference or board meeting? Check and see if lighting, staging, and audiovisuals are needed. There may also be other room requirements noted that needs to be taken care of.

Deciding on the right menu depends completely on what type of event you are planning. For example, if it is a sit down plated meal staff will be needed. This also goes for if their will be a bar, or buffet service. Having too little of staff is never a good thing, so make sure staff is scheduled way ahead in advance.

Depending on the type of event plan, it may call for more then what was stated above. Entertainment such as a D.J. or Comedian may be needed. A photographer may also be necessary. Creating a guest list is a wonderful tool for organizing your event. Want to add that extra special touch? Add a theme to your event to make it that much more memorable!

Let L’ Elegantè Cuisine take care of all of your entertainment needs. Impress your guests with a live band, magician, motivational speaker, D.J., clowns, mimes, or artists. Let us coordinate a sports party, ethnic party, or a unique theme for your personal, corporate, or charity event. L’Elegante Cuisine saves you the time and frustration of planning your event - so you can sit back and enjoy.